What to Expect When Visiting Hill Orthopedic

Before we can begin to provide personalized chiropractic and/or orthopedic care, we must first gain a strong understanding of the pain you are experiencing, and we need to identify the underlying causes of your pain.

Each of our new clients first receives a consultation, during which we get to know the injuries and
conditions that are causing you discomfort and/or mobility issues. This might include a combination of simple questions or non-invasive examinations.

After this assessment, we can go over with you the various treatment options that are available. This
includes answering any questions that you might have before moving forward with your orthopedic
services. We want you to understand and be prepared for every step of the process.


Common Conditions That Are Treated

Foot & Ankle
Having completed a fellowship in foot and ankle reconstruction at the University of South Alabama, Dr. Hill is well versed when it comes to providing quality care for this area of the body.

Sudden accidents or wear and tear over many years can cause foot and ankle pain. Dr. Hill can help you with many of the causes of this pain, including ruptures of the Achilles tendon, fractures, sprains, and many other conditions.

As we age, we are at a greater risk of experiencing pain and discomfort in the hips, as the soft tissues
become worn after many years of use. Hips can also require orthopedic treatment in the event of a fall or sudden impact, perhaps after a sports injury.

The Hill Orthopedic Center provides many types of joint replacement, including hip replacement. Whether you are suffering from degenerative joint disease, or if an injury has debilitated your hip, we can help.

As the largest joint in the body, the knee takes on a lot of responsibility, supports a lot of weight, and is quite vulnerable to injury. Common conditions that can cause pain in the knee include arthritis, ligament injures (such as a torn ACL or MCL), and tears in the meniscus, among many others.

At Hill Orthopedic, we can recommend the appropriate treatments to reduce your knee pain, including arthroscopy for the knee, treatments for ligament injuries, and many other effective solutions. 

If you are having trouble lifting items or moving your arms in general because of shoulder pain or
immobility, you could be suffering from a tear in your rotator cuff, arthritis of the shoulder, or one of many other injuries and conditions that affect the soft tissues of the shoulder joints.

At Hill Orthopedic, we can perform arthroscopy for the shoulder to uncover and possibly address the causes of your discomfort. In addition, we also offer many additional treatment options for treating
shoulder injuries.

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions suffered by Americans every year. As the back is a very complex structure, this pain could be caused by a multitude of reasons, from poor posture to auto accidents to degenerative disc disease.

Visit Hill Orthopedic to get to the bottom of your back pain and to receive chiropractic therapy services, in addition to orthopedic treatments in order to start feeling like yourself once again.