What is orthopedic medicine?
This refers to a specific discipline within the medical field that focuses on the study and treatment of the skeletal system. This includes the bones, their joints, and all of the soft tissues that keep them healthy.

Do I need to have a referral to visit a Hill Orthopedic Center?
We do not require a referral. You can contact us now to schedule an appointment, if you’d like. Your
insurance company, however, may have requirements regarding referrals. Our team can help you
determine if this is the case with your insurance company, if you prefer.

Why might arthroscopy be necessary?
Correctly diagnosing problems within joints can be extremely challenging, as these are very complex
structures. Methods of diagnosis might include a basic physical examination along with X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans of the joint.

Unfortunately, these tests are not always very accurate. If your injury is serious, and it is crucial for you to make a full recovery, arthroscopy may be recommended before you commit to any treatment plans.

During this procedure, two very small incisions are created so that the arthroscope can be inserted. This tool projects images of the joint onto a screen, allowing your physician to clearly see the damage.

Will I need physical therapy after my surgery?
It is important to strengthen a joint after surgery. This will not only allow for greater mobility, but it can also provide protection for the joint, making it less likely that future injuries will occur. Post-surgery
physical therapy will typically include low-impact, specially designed exercise and chiropractic therapy plans. How long do artificial joints last?

Most types of artificial joints last approximately 10 to 20 years. This length can vary depending upon the joint, the materials used to create the prosthetic, and how active you are. If you are younger, and very active, you can expect to need another replacement later in life.

Is the Hill Orthopedic Center accepting new patients?
Always. If you are visiting us for the first time, you can request an appointment online or call the location nearest you. You can download, print, and complete our new patient forms from the website. By bringing these forms with you during your first visit, you can speed up the entire process.